School of Architecture B.Arch Thesis Reviews May 7-11 2020

School of Architecture B.Arch Thesis Reviews May 7-11 2020


This week our Spring 2020 B.Arch thesis students are completing their projects under the guidance of thesis studio faculty, Philip Ra and Mini Chu. We honor and admire their hard work over the last year in the face of challenges brought on by COVID-19.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday, May 7-9  are Final Thesis Reviews. Monday, May 11 are the presentations for first semester thesis students who are halfway through the process.  Below you will find a schedule, the list student project introductions and our poster celebrating the strange quietness of San Francisco in these days of Shelter in Place. All presentations will be via Zoom. Zoom links can be provided by emailing

B.Arch Thesis Presentations Spring 2020



Thursday 12:00 – 2:00pm PT

Benjamin Schindel

Weaving the Divide

Bridging the dominant railway edge in the rural city of Lacombe to connect the urban spaces and blend programs that enhance the city experience and promote pedestrian movement.

 Oskar Frick

Putting Green to Work

Integration of green spaces into the workplace to maximize wellness and productivity


 MAY 8

Friday 12:00 – 3:00pm PT

 Juliana Bento

Path to Water

Reclaiming ownership of water for self-reliance

 Kathryn Tablada

Reclaiming Maiden Lane

Experiencing spaces through the senses

 Nathan Lienhop

Dam Space

Utilizing kinetic techniques, adaptive architecture preserves, expands and enhances public event spaces to address the problem and opportunities of the annual flooding along the Peoria riverfront.



Saturday 12:00 – 3:00pm PT

Sarah Berting

The New-Burbia

Reimagining the urban living condition in the Civic Center of San Francisco

 Meng Fan

Pixel School House

Reimagining new student housing typology to foster connectivity and social interactions within and outside of the community

Daniel Forthuber

Grafting Diversity

Advocating for equity and dignity for the unseen homeless citizens in Los Angeles

MAY 11

Monday 12:00 – 3:00pm PT

ARH 510 First Semester Thesis


Leo – Yang  Xi


Unveiling Xian’s Historic Art Footprints in the Modern City

Tracy – Yuanyuan Chen


Creating mental wellness and protection in schools for vulnerable kids

Zed Malmoux

Public Congruency

Envisioning a plural society based on a collective architecture that promotes healthy community as the product of the harmonious relationship of shared values and shared space

Ryan – Shuangrong Zhong


Reconstructing a sense of belonging for the displaced and under-served by creating adaptive architecture for the constantly changing and unpredictable urban environment