About Us

The School of Architecture is a progressive design laboratory of highly passionate students and a distinguished faculty of practicing architects who work together to explore the boundaries of one of the most compelling professions you can enter today. Our highly diverse and international community enables us to cultivate a unique culture from which we address questions for the future of our globalized world.

The School of Architecture is dedicated to advancing the art and practice of architecture by offering academic programs that foster critical thinking, artistic vision, and responsible leadership. We offer an excellent design education by developing each student’s capacity to synthesize critical thought, architectural vision and technical comprehension. Dedicated to the relationship of theory, up to date technical developments, advanced architectural design, and the practice of making and building, the program has an exceptional profile.

With a distinguished faculty of practicing architects, diverse collaboration teams, emerging technologies, fabrication labs, and sensitivity to sustainable methods – together we will participate in shaping our physical world. We are located in the heart of San Francisco’s Bay Area, a global hub for forward thinking ideas, tolerance, open mindedness, ethnic diversity, international art and culture, as well as leading technical innovation that is changing and shaping our world like no other region. We are utilizing this exceptional location and our urban campus as a laboratory for our architectural explorations that project far into the future of what architecture has to offer, what it can be, or might become.