Presentation on Becoming a Licensed Architect

Presentation on Becoming a Licensed Architect


Do you want to know how you can become a “real” Architect? Even while you are still studying? There are a lot of DOs and DO NOTs that are enforceable with fines and even imprisonment.

But don’t be nervous! We’re here to help you promote yourself in a safe way. Licensing is the culmination of your education and gives you the right to call yourself an architect and practice in the United States. Licensing consists of (1) an educational requirement, (2) experience working, and (3) a set of exams. It’s a long but a worthwhile process and it’s important to get started on it early! In California you can begin the process while you are in school and start gaining and reporting hours. Some of the other benefits of being licensed include:

  • Calling yourself an “Architect”.
  • A strong, professional credential
  • Make your years of education count
  • Run your own firm
  • Promote diversity and make you voice a part of the small community of licensed architects in the United States


As a quick reminder:

  • Do not use the term “Architectural” to describe your skills or specialties, that includes but is not limited to using terms like “Architectural Designer,” “Architectural Intern,” “Architectural Technologist,” or even, “architecture student”
  • Do not indicate that you specialize in “architecture”, or you produce, or are capable of producing, “architectural drawings” or other types of work that could be construed as building documentation or construction drawings.
  • Do use the term “designer” to describe your skills
  • Do state that you are attending or have graduated from architecture  school (if this is the case)
  • Do state that you work for an architectural office (if this is the case)

(“Unlicensed? Don’t Call Yourself an ‘Architectural Designer’ or ‘Design Professional.’” Archinect,


There are many benefits to professional licensure that you should consider; your education with us is a first step into this direction but there is more! To learn more about this and how to get started, please view a recorded presentation, NCARB Licensing 2020 lecture by Sameena Sitabkhan – AXP and Licensing Coordinator.