Professional Preparedness Workshops Summer 2020

During this unprecedented time, we are reaching out to our ARH students to offer a series of workshops over the summer months to support their transition into the profession. We are fortunate to have faculty and alumni who have stepped up to offer their expertise as well as their professional network to this effort. We cannot overstate the importance of identifying mentors as you prepare to enter and thrive in the profession. The faculty and alumni are looking forward to working with current students and recent graduates to offer guidance, individualized feedback, and also moral support. The job search process can be difficult to navigate during the best of times. Given the current new normal, we are extremely grateful to the mentors for offering their support to the students.

Over the course of 6-8 weeks, we will be offering lectures, work sessions in small groups, roundtable discussions with architects. The workshop will culminate with portfolio reviews and practice interviews with invited guests. Lectures and round table discussions are open to all ARH students. Small group work sessions, portfolio review, and practice interviews are specifically designed for recent graduates and returning students who are within 2-3 semesters of graduating.

The school of architecture is deeply grateful to Gould Evans for making available architects among their staff to support students through this workshop. Their generous offer and support prompted this workshop series to be re-imagined with a more robust scope.


6/17 Wed 5-6pm PST Orientation (recording at this link)

6/19 Fri 5-6pm PST Lecture: Resume & Cover Letter (recording at this link)

6/24 Wed 5-6pm PST Work Session: Resume & Cover Letter (recording at this link)

6/26 Fri 5-6pm PST Lecture: Portfolio & Website (recording at this link)

7/8 Wed 5-6pm PST Lecture: Interview Prep (recording at this link)

7/10 Fri 5-6pm PST Work Session: Portfolio (recording at this link)

7/17 Fri 6-7:30pm PST Roundtable Discussion: Getting Hired and Pursuing a Rewarding Career Path (recording at this link)

Portfolio Reviews (week of 7/27)

Portfolio Advice

Practice Interviews (week of 8/3)


Events with BAYA & AIASF

BAYA Career Rsilience Virtual Round Table

Recording of BAYA Career Resilience Virtual Round Table

Access Password: 5y%*p2G@


AIA The skill you need: Career resilience

Recording of AIA The skill you need: Career resilience


Workshop Organizers


Karen Seong, Assistant Undergraduate Director LinkedIn

Yim Lim, Assistant Graduate Director LinkedIn

David Gill, Graduate Advisor LinkedIn

Simon McKenzie, Undergraduate Faculty Studio 7, Architect at SOM LinkedIn

Eoanna Goodwin, Undergraduate Faculty Design Build and Professional Practice, Associate with City of SF LinkedIn

Liz Cohn-Martin, Undergraduate Faculty Climate & Energy Use LinkedIn

Zulhumar Turghun, M Arch alum, Associate at Gould Evans

Iota Yiyue Chen, M Arch alum, Associate at Gould Evans


*All events will be via Zoom at this link

Dates are subject to change please check back to this page for updates.


For more information about participating, please contact:

Karen Seong |

Yim Lim |

David Gill |