Professional Preparedness Workshops 2020: Portfolio Reviews

The intent of the portfolio reviews is for the students to see one aspect of the hiring process that is usually not visible to them – how the portfolio is very quickly scanned when initially received through a web portal or via email. Following the portfolio reviews, the students will attend separate sessions to practice interviews in which they will present themselves and their portfolio in a simulated interview.

The portfolio review will begin with the guests sharing their screens and viewing the portfolios as they would have if the applicant was not in the room. The students will have a chance to see how the initial scanning is conducted. The guest reviewers will be “thinking out loud” as they flip through the portfolios so that the students can hear the thought process.

In an intimate setting of three students per group, students will have a chance to hear personalized feedback and ask questions.

The portfolio reviews are offered to participating students only. The recordings will be made available below. Hear directly from architects responsible for making hiring decisions what they look for in a portfolio.


View a Recording of the Session with Gould Evans (Kansas)

View a Recording of the Session with Huang Iboshi Architects (San Francisco)


Read quotes by architects from the Portfolio Review sessions.

To view an overview of the PPWS (Professional Preparedness Workshop) see this page.