Park(ing) Day Approaches!

Park Chair

September 16, 2019

The AIASF mentorship committee welcomes you to join our installation, PARK CHAIR, at 130 Sutter Street, in front of historic building, the Hallidie Building and AIASF office.

PARK CHAIR, a 44 feet installation, is a merge of collaboration between architects, artist, musicians, yogis and enthusiasts. From The One Inch Chair to Social Seesaw to sketching on the 44’ canvas, everyone is welcomed to participate and participate in this unique installation in the heart of San Francisco.

Free + open to the public

Space is limited, so please register before September 19th.


9am – 3pm:

The One Inch Chair by Marc Northstar

9am – 9:30am:

Meditation class by Satori. Theme: cultivating Safety through practice

9:45am -10:45am

Yoga class by Satori. Theme: cultivating Safety through practice

10:45am – 3pm

Social Seesaw in action


Live music by San Francisco Conservatory of Music String quartet

2:00 – 3:00 pm

Guided sketch with Dan Hogman