The Marielle Franco Community Design Award

Marielle Franco Community Design Award

An award meant to recognize the day-to-day activity of architects immersed in multidisciplinary teams composed of designers & social workers within slum areas

The award, in the form of a diploma and a prize money, will be granted by the NGO Building 4Humanity and the 8th ICBR, and is supported by the Rio de Janeiro chapter of the Brazilian Council of Architects and Urbanists (Conselho de Arquitetos e Urbanistas do Brasil) and the Portuguese Order of Architects (Ordem dos Arquitectos Portugueses), among others. This special award chiefly seeks to reward and encourage the work of architects, NGOs or design teams in enabling design and building by people, in line with John Turner’s reasoning about community architecture. Following Marielle’s legacy of defending the minorities, this prize stands for a full commitment vis-à-vis the most vulnerable, which shall be demonstrated by the award candidates through the narrative of a structured, continuous and consistent shared process, having as output, for instance, the improvement of housing, urban-service infrastructures, educational or cultural collective equipment, or public spaces.

For more information, and to register, please go here.

Last day to register is September 22, 2019