Video Tutorials for Model Making

Video Tutorials for Model Making


There are video tutorials available on the School of Architecture Resources on Brightspace for enrolled students. Please self-enroll at this link to access the videos:

Click the button that says “Self Enroll,” then navigate to this link. You will see a collection of video tutorials and PDF downloads listed below.

Model Making Tutorial Videos on Brightspace



  • Materials and Tools
  • Material Options
  • Tools
  • Construction: Measuring Scaling
  • Construction: Slicing
  • Construction: Assembly
  • Examples: Diagram Models
  • Examples: Study Models
  • Examples: Sectional Models
  • Glue Types
  • Gluing Cardboard
  • How to Build a Box and Base
  • Using Laser Cutters
  • Knife Safety
  • Cutting Vellum Sheets
  • Glue
  • Basswood
  • Chipboard and Cardboard

PDF Downloads


  • Glue: Adhesive charts
  • Topography tutorial
  • The basics of model making
  • Sanding