Model Making – Part 2 – Material and Tool Resources

Dear Students,

Here are some model making material resources for you, places where you can order needed materials online, tool suppliers, 3D print services, and laser cutting services. Some of these resources might be overseas, so careful planning might be required on your part so you have all the necessary materials for the classes you are enrolled in before they begin. Almost all of these places ship worldwide please make sure that the goods you order can be shipped to your location. All materials and tools you need for a course should be listed in the course. Please also talk to your Faculty about which tools or materials make sense to get.:

Some times it is easier to find certain materials when looking at international resources for model building supplies – these suppliers ship world-wide: (great source for white foam, which is hard to come by)

Local in San Francisco (short notice delivery): 

Plastic Strips:

Model Building Tools:

Online 3D printing services:

Lasercutting Services:

Please insure that you obey all safety measures lined out by the manufacturers of the linked materials and tools in this blog-post. The School of Architecture and the Academy of Art University can NOT be hold responsible to any damage or injury.

Please also regard our other model building resource blog posts here and here.