In-Person Class FAQ


(updated 1/12/2022)

Pleas register for spring semester. Beginning this week, under-enrolled sections are being cancelled.


ARH is offering in-person classes for the Spring 2022 semester.

Called OS+ sections, in-person and remote students will learn together, but all faculty teaching in OS+ sections will be physically present in the classroom. All ARH classes will be in 1849 Washington Street (referred to as the Warehouse). See below for photos taken on 11/30/2021.


We need a headcount of how many students will be in-person. Please respond to this short survey to help us! The sooner we can get an estimate on the number of in-person students, the better prepared we can be for spring semester.

Thank you to those who responded to the survey. Many of you asked great questions in the survey which have been incorporated into the FAQ below. Continue sending us your questions! We will keep updating this page.

Is there a list of OS+ classes?

Yes, but this is a tentative list. We are working through many moving parts such as faculty and classroom availability, schedule conflicts, student demand, etc. Please check back for updates.

Section No Course Title In-Person Student Room Faculty Mon  Tue  Wed  Thu  Fri  Sat
ARH_110_02 Studio 1: Conceptual Design Studio 5 530 Rebal Knayzeh 1-4 1-4
ARH_150_02 Studio 2: Spatial Ordering & Form 3 530 Eva Chiu 9-12 & 12:30-3:30 9-12 & 12:30-3:30
ARH_170_02 Projective Drawing & Perspective 5 530 Dan Hogman 1-4
ARH_210_02 Studio 3: Site Operations & Tectonic Systems (Virtual and Online only)
ARH_255_02 Studio 4: Assembly Building & Context 1 (at risk of cancellation) 545 Rebal Knayzeh 9-12 & 12:30-3:30 9-12 9-12
ARH_315_02 Studio 5: Advocacy in Design (Online only)
ARH_350_02 Studio 6: Site Conditions & Building Performance 3 585 9-12 & 12:30-3:30 9-12 & 12:30-3:30
ARH_410_02 Studio 7: Tectonics and Structure 5 540 K. Seong, S. McKenzie 9-1 9-1 9-1
ARH_450_02 Studio 8: Housing & Integrated Design 1 (at risk of cancellation) 550 Paul Adamson 9-1 9-1 9-1
ARH_498PM_01 Collaborative Project: Park Merced B. Lab 1 (at risk of cancellation) 585 Sameena Sitabkhan 9-12 & 12:30-3:30 9-12 & 12:30-3:30
ARH_510_02 Studio 9: Mixed Use Urbanism & Research 6 590 Philip Ra (Fri), Ethen Wood (Wed) 2:30-5:30, 6-9 12-3, 3:30-6:30
ARH_550_02 Studio 10: Mixed Use Urbanism & Research 2 (at risk of cancellation) 590 Philip Ra (Wed), Ethen Wood (Fri) 2:30-5:30, 6-9 12-3, 3:30-6:30
ARH_239 Materials and Methods (Virtual and Online only) 490 Francesca Oliveira 6-9
ARH_240_02 Site Design & Mapping 3 490 Chris Pizzi 1:30-4:30
ARH_475_02 Professional Practices for Architects (Online only) 570 9-12
ARH_609_02 Advanced Design Studio I 1 (at risk of cancellation) 410A Peter Suen, Huan Fang 12-6:30 12-6:30
ARH_619_02 Advanced Design Studio III 4 410B 12-6:30 12-6:30



What is the COVID-19 Safety Policy for Spring 2022?

We do not yet know when the guidelines for spring will be published but current guidelines in effect for Fall 2021 can be downloaded as a PDF file at this link: COVID-19_Safety_and_Health_Policy  Current guidelines do not require proof of vaccination to be on campus. AAU’s Covid-19 Response updates can be viewed at this link.


Will there be distancing requirements?

With the caveat that any changes to the SF Health Department guidelines will always be followed, we are currently planning to arrange the classroom desks without distancing requirements.


Will masks be required?

Masks are required for fall 2021 semester. We are waiting to see if there will be updates to guidelines for spring. All SF Health Department guidelines will always be followed.


Will the ARH classes be at 601 Brannan?

No, unfortunately 601 Brannan remains closed for the spring. ARH classes will be at 1849 Washington St (at Van Ness).


Will there be a computer lab?

Yes, computer labs will be located on the 3rd floor of 1849 Washington St. James Ryan, Lab Supervisor who supported ARH students at 601 Brannan, will be at 1849 Washington.


Will there be a print lab?

Most likely yes. We haven’t had a chance to confirm. We will update this page as we learn more.


Will there be a wood shop?

Yes, we will be sharing the Industrial Design shop which is on the 4th floor of 1849 Washington St. There are multiple 3D printers as well as a metal shop. See photos of the shop above.


How will the studio classrooms at 1849 Washington be different from 601 Brannan?

First year classes ARH 110, ARH 150, ARH 170 will have drafting tables with Vyco and Maylines (parallel rulers attached to the drafting tables). But upper year studios will NOT have drafting tables. Instead, they will have white tables that were typically found in the non-studio classrooms at 601 Brannan. Based on enrollment numbers and student demand, we can make some drafting tables available as needed. If you foresee a need for a drafting table to do your work, please let us know ASAP!


Will the studios be in an open studio environment similar to 601 Brannan?

No, unfortunately, the classrooms will have walls. 1849 Washington is home to the Industrial Design Department and multiple departments will be sharing the building in the spring. All undergraduate ARH studios will be on the same floor on the 5th floor. We are working hard to ensure that as many ARH studios be given a dedicated studio space – meaning the class room will only be used by the ARH studio assigned to it (similar to 601 Brannan set up). Peer learning in a studio environment is  important, as many of you have noted. We encourage students to visit all ARH studios regularly! Having dedicated classrooms will make visiting studios easier. We will work with design studio faculty to actively encourage peer learning.


Will there be windows and natural light in the classrooms?

Some of the studio classrooms will have operable windows. Please take a look at the photos above.


I am an online student and live 3 hours away. Can I visit the onsite studios from time to time?

Yes, we will follow up with information on visitor protocols but we encourage online students to visit onsite studios as much as is feasible.


I’m a bit confused about the format. So some students will be onsite while others will be online observing/interacting with onsite classes?

Yes. Each OS+ section consists of two con-joined sections with the same class times taught by the same faculty. One section is in-person and the other is on Zoom. Students will be enrolling in either the in-person section or the Zoom section of OS+ classes. Students joining class via Zoom will interact, through the camera and mic/speaker, with faculty and students who are at 1849 Washington. OS+ classrooms will have a computer with wired internet connection for faculty to host Zoom meetings for the duration of the class time. We are currently working on assessing equipment needs such as additional cameras, iPads, lapel microphones. When we have a better understanding of enrollment numbers in the in-person studios, we will better be able to assess equipment needs. To help us, and if you haven’t yet responded to the survey, please go to this link


Which studios will have dedicated studio classrooms?

All departments are waiting to see spring enrollment numbers to see how many students choose the in-person classes. As we get closer to spring, we may be seeing cancelled sections due to low enrollment. The classroom assignments will change accordingly. ARH 110, ARH 150, ARH 170 will share a classroom. ARH 255, ARH 410, ARH 450 will have dedicated classrooms. ARH 350 and ARH 498 will share a classroom. ARH 510 and ARH 550 will share a classroom. Except for the thesis studios, all other classes that share classrooms meet on different days and times so there is no overlap of class times. We are anticipating that students will have dedicated desks in the shared classrooms but this is based on student enrollment.


What is the minimum enrollment number for OS+ sections to run?

Unfortunately, this information is not yet available, but please be prepared for cancelled sections due to low-enrollment. Student who intend to register for spring semester are urged to do so at the earliest opportunity. Under-enrolled sections will be cancelled during the weeks of January leading up to semester start. If a class reaches cap, we will not be able to open an additional section on short notice to accommodate students. Please be sure to register for spring classes to ensure your spot in required classes.


Do students have the flexibility to attend some weeks on Zoom and other weeks in person to navigate around schedule conflicts?

Currently, AAU does not allow students to switch their attendance mode back and forth as this would complicate the efforts to dedicate resources required for facility operation. However, students should reach out to the department directors  with questions. With so many moving parts, staying in communication is the best way to problem-solve.


Will there be an Open Studio area for students who aren’t in an OS+ studio class but want to work on their projects at 1849 Washington?

Yes. The Open Studio desks currently require a reservation for the fall semester. Depending on the status of the pandemic, students may be able to drop in without reservations in the spring. If case numbers increase and safety guidelines remain in effect, the reservations system may stay in effect.