Final Graduate Thesis Year Reviews Fall 2021

Master of Architecture

Thesis Preparation ARH 690

Portfolio and Midpoint

Reviews Fall 2021



December 10th


Group – Eric Reeder  (Advisor)

Steve Augustine, 10:00-10:25 am PDT

Ashleigh Gordon 10:25-10:50 am PDT

Nhan Le 10:50-11:15  am PDT

Andrea Rodriguez 11:15-11:40  am PDT

Sanjana Waghmare 11:40-12:05 pm PDT

Li Yi 12:05-12:30 pm PDT


Group – Nicole Lambrou I (Advisor)

Amanda White 1:30-1:55 pm PDT

Thomas Palmer 1:55-2:20 pm PDT

Natalie Yan Lin Tai 2:20-2:45 pm PDT

YukeYan 2:45-3:10 pm PDT

Rukmanjyot Brar 3:10-3:35 pm PDT

Teresa Ye 3:35-4:00 pm PDT


Group – Nicole Lambrou I (Advisor)

Stavros Liantiniotis 5:00-5:25 pm PDT

Aviva Childress 5:25-5:50 pm PDT

Miriam Davis 5:50-6:10 pm PDT

Alberto Roman 6:15-6:40 pm PDT


All presentations will be via Zoom.

Links can be provided

by emailing

Master of Architecture

Final Thesis


Fall 2021



December 13th


Otilia Brill 10:00-10:35 am PDT

Tzu Pin Chan 11:00-11:35 am PDT

Lara Toledo Martinez 12:00-12:35 pm PDT

Christopher Journey 02:00-02:35 pm PDT

Martin Jules 03:00-03:35 pm PDT


Nicole Lambrou



December 14th

Olga Bogatova 10:00-10:35 am PDT

Xiaoman Sun 11:00-11:35 am PDT

Yihang Wang 12:00-12:35  am PDT


Mark Mueckenheim



December 15th

Kearston Baalman 10:00-10:35 am PDT

Rebecca Denney 11:00-11:35 am PDT

Jon Harrah 12:00-12:35 am PDT

Ryan Mishkin 02:00-02:35 am PDT

Nicollette Pastran 03:00-03:35 am PDT

Hiral Patel 04:00-04:35 am PDT

Matt Portice 05:00-05:35 am PDT


David Gill



December 16th

Shelanda Pascal 10:00-10:35 am PDT

Arthur Strahin Jr. 11:00-11:35 am PDT

Jennifer Hernandez 12:00-12:35  am PDT


Nicole Lambrou


All presentations will be via Zoom links can be provided

by emailing

*Please note that this schedule is not guaranteed, changes might occur due to illness, guest reviewer availability, and scheduling conflicts among others.