Brightspace Preview


Brightspace, the New Learning Management System


Beginning in Summer 2022, all AAU courses will migrate from the current LMS to a new platform called Brightspace. We will add more information about Brightspace in the next few months as we get closer to the launch date. Training for all faculty will begin in Spring 2022 .


The interactive tools in the LMS, such as Discussion Posts, will remain in Brightspace but will be called by different names. For a glossary comparing the terminology between the LMS and Brightspace, please click on the link below.


Glossary: Comparing Brightspace to LMS



Discussion Topic in the current LMS will be called Topic in Brightspace and share the same definition of “a prompt in the Discussions tool that presents the details of an assignment (or other task) or a question/issue for conversation.”


Introduction to Brightspace preview

Starting in Summer 2022, the ARH department will have edit rights to make changes to OL courses. In Brightspace lingo, this is called making changes to the “course master.” Online rebuilds can continue to rely on the assistance of a build team from OL Education. The ability for the department to opt out of the build team assistance is new. The changes made to the “course master” will be reflected in all sections of that course in all subsequent semesters.

Separately, all faculty will have the ability to edit the course content in their individual sections. Changes made to the individual sections will go live immediately but the changes will not persist past the semester. The individual sections are “copies” created from the course master so changes made at the “copy” level will not be reflected in the course master.