ARH 609: Advanced Design Studio I – Design Process and Morphology


Faculty: Peter Suen / Mark Myers / José Mayoral Moratilla / Jaime Daroca

Course Description

In this Advanced Design Studio, you will focus on using phenomenology to explore methods for developing concepts, form and space-making. You will be exploring human experiences and cultural phenomena as a programmatic basis in designing a sequence of experiences. In the first half of the semester you will be committed to site mapping, analysis, and the development of a conception and formalization for the projected architecture. You will then implement your concept into a distinct program that deals with specific architectural phenomena. In this process you will explore how to use circulation, structure, and materiality as tools to generate a series of spatial experiences.

Course Learning Outcomes

As a result of successfully completing this course, students…

  • Will be able to:

    • Conduct research on site analysis (local and regional)
    • Conduct and utilize research and analysis on architectural precedents in design propositions
    • Organize collected information into informative diagrams establishing relationships between diverse information sets
    • Develop innovative structural design strategies that integrate spatial and surface design
    • Describe through sections and three-dimensional drawings the structural design and its impact on the proposed aesthetical system
    • Based on contemporary design methodology develop complex building solutions that establish an organized program and integrate clear circulation and deliver a workable building solution
    • Illustrate a design process based on rigor and commitment to concepts and the development of ideas
    • Illustrate the inspirations for design from diverse fields such as science, art and philosophy
    • Communicate design through the use of generative techniques which include traditional drafting, hand sketching,computer modeling and diverse material modeling techniques and applications