ARH 653: Foundational Design Studio II

ARH 653: Introductory Design Studio 2

Faculty: Eric Reeder / Peter Strzebniok / Simon Battisti / José Ramón Sierra Gómez de León

Course Description

In this foundational design studio, you will develop your spatial design and investigative skills in developing architectural projects. You will begin with analytical studies of urban contexts and inherent patterns therein. Gain an understanding of the role of design in the urban context. Reflect on site and urban analysis to establish meaningful programmatic responses to dynamic conditions. You will follow an iterative design process through a sequence of projects during the semester and expand on visual and graphic vocabulary to increase meaning in your designs. 

Course Learning Outcomes

As a result of successfully completing this course, students…

  • Will be able to:

    • Utilize various methods of collecting data from a site ( photography, mapping, diagramming, city archives and zoning)
    • Use different methods of critical thinking and interpreting data from a spatial condition and implement through drawing
    • Articulate a concept driven by the spatial conditions and translate this data into a building project.
    • Develop spatial design concepts by making iterative physical models and spatial sections