ARH 510 Studio 9 Mixed Use Urbanism & Research



This studio serves as a prelude to the students’ final thesis and is comprised of two parts. Students will conduct demographic and urban systems analyses, in the design of a mixed-use urban building, followed by a research-driven investigation of a selected site, program, and thematic topic.

Prerequisite: ARH 450, LA 292, LA 429, & a minimum of 126 units completed

Course Learning Outcomes


  • Investigate typologies and integrate conceptual ideas for a strategic architectural design that responds appropriately to context and culture
  • Select/analyze a site and develop a program from which the capstone project will be developed in the next semester
  • Identify an area of research and submit a written thesis booklet describing and framing the inquiry
  • Develop and structure a methodology and process for advancing the design concept
  • Create preliminary design concepts for a complex program and mixed-use/hybrid building and identify major functional and environmental requirements
  • Student work from this course will meet all or part of NAAB SPC C.1 Research: Understanding of the theoretical and applied research methodologies and practices used during the design process.