ARH 529 From Theory to Practice

ARH 529 From Theory to Practice


How do architects make the leap between theoretical interests and design projects? You will analyze the ideas and techniques of architects whose work operates between theory and practice and position your own thesis work in relation to the key themes of program, structure, and form.

Course Learning Outcomes 


  • Explain and exhibit examples of modern and contemporary case studies indicating the process of the application of theory to design proposals and built projects
  • Exhibit analysis of built form and design in both written and visual means.
  • Graphically and thematically organize site, program, case study research and other pre-design elements in a booklet format
  • Articulate a mission statement and architectural design hypothesis for the 5th year design thesis

NAAB Criteria


  • PC 4 History and Theory How the program ensures that students understand the histories and theories of architecture and urbanism, framed by diverse social, cultural, economic, and political forces, nationally and globally.