Stamatina Kousidi

Stamatina Kousidi 

Undergraduate Faculty

Stamatina Kousidi is an architect, researcher and educator. She currently holds a Research Associate position at the Department of Architecture and Urban Studies (DAStU), Politecnico di Milano, where she also teaches an architecture design studio for the School of Architecture, Urban Planning and Construction Engineering.


She has previously held postdoctoral positions at Politecnico di Milano (DAStU), ETH Zürich (Institute for the History and Theory of Architecture gta), and jointly at Humboldt Universität zu Berlin and Hochschule Anhalt (Dessau Institute of Architecture). Her research practice combines theories and projects of the modern and contemporary eras with an emphasis on the early twentieth century. More recently, her research activity has focused on the conception of the architectural artifact as a complex envelope, on issues related to the changing relationship between inside and outside, and environmental sustainability. Her research has been supported by the Politecnico di Milano International Fellowship, the Swiss Government Excellence Research Scholarship, as well as by the Swiss Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences and the German Academic Exchange Service.


Since 2017, she has been a consultant for courses in the History and Theory of Architecture at the Department of Architecture — Online program of the Academy of Art University and since 2018, an adjunct lecturer at the Accademia delle Belle Art Milano.


Her work has been published in various peer-reviewed journals, magazines, edited volumes, exhibition catalogs and conference proceedings, and presented in various conferences on architecture design, design research and the history and theory of architecture. She  holds a PhD from Sapienza University of Rome (Italy), an M.Sc. in Architecture Design, Space, Culture from the National Technical University of Athens (Greece) and an M.Sc. in Architecture Engineering from the University of Thessaly (Greece). She is a registered architect in Europe.