Sascha Glasl of space&matter


Oct. 27, 2014, 6:30 pm
School of Architecture – Academy of Art University
601 Brannan Street, San Francisco, CA

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The School of Architecture and Landscape architecture at the Academy of Art University is proud to welcome another exciting guest to the Fall Lecture Series. This time an innovative young office from Amsterdam who with their unique approach is increasingly gaining recognition throughout the netherlands and also abroad:

Space&matter is an Amsterdam based office for architecture, urban planning and concept development. After it’s foundation in early 2009, the office has developed itself rapidly. Led by its founding partners Sascha Glasl, Tjeerd Haccou and Marthijn Pool, a skilled team of international designers, works on a wide range of projects of various scales.
Their approach as described in their own words: “As architecture and planning touch on all social and cultural levels of society, we realize our influence and responsibility reach far beyond the spatial realm. It is here where our ambition lies and we see opportunities to develop spatial solutions for sociocultural issues and to create relevant designs that connect people. Accordingly, the designs and strategies that space&matter produces are mainly focused on performing in their social context. They are strong architectural frameworks that trigger interaction and offer space for personal taste and freedom.

Rather than just being reactive, we like to initiate projects and proactively involve ourselves in matters that we consider as relevant. This level of independence enables us to develop innovative processes and methodologies. Setting up knowledge and entrepreneurial networks around our own interests and fascinations has proven to be an effective way to realize our ambitions.

With backgrounds in urban planning, architecture, research, BIM and graphic design, our team has a wide angle view on the world and a strong set of skills that back up our thinking. Being generalists we share an interest in different fields of study and highly value interdisciplinary collaborations. Drawing from these sources, our office has an output that ranges from teaching and writing, to designing concepts, buildings, urban plans and strategies.”