Julien Lanoo

Julien Lanoo Lecture in San Francisco  


Belgian Photographer Julien Lanoo @julienlanoo is lecturing at the AAU School of Architecture / Thursday, September 27th 2018, 6pm at 601 Brannan Street, Large Atrium Space, San Francisco, CA 94107 USA 

“Why do we build if not for humans? I perceive this not only on a social level, but also visually. For me, architecture is a reflection of a community.“

Julien Lanoo (https://julienlanoo.com) is a Belgian photographer. He documents the built environment. His works are best known for his “humanistic” approach, where people and broader architectural contexts are at the center of attention. In 2016, his images were nominated as the world’s best professional photographs of buildings and structures of the year by Arcaid Images. For Lanoo, architecture and urbanism is about human evolution as he captures how design and construction organize all this in fascinating photographs. Among other things in preparing for a photo shoot, he prefers is to see the first sketch in the architect’s notebook, because it is the purest and closest to the idea of a building. Lanoo‘s work transgresses questions of style and renders them as irrelevant. His photographs speak about the ability to read and capture an atmospheric narrative and emanate a level of respect and curiosity in finding a way to tell the story to others. He looks at the architectural world with a deep understanding of its historical and social layers as well as the visible and intangible connections between nature, light, and materiality. His work features clean and elegant compositions, captures the beauty of the physical object and even beyond. At the same time, he believes that aesthetics creates a consumption of projects, not an understanding.