Jennifer Bonnel

Architect Jennifer Bonner of MALL Lecture in San Francisco   


Jennifer Bonner is lecturing at the AAU School of Architecture / Thursday, October 4th 2018, 6pm at 601 Brannan Street, Large Atrium Space, San Francisco, CA 94107 

Jennifer Bonner is Director of MALL, Assistant Professor at Harvard University Graduate School of Design and Director of the Master in Architecture II Program. Born in Alabama, Jennifer attended Auburn University’s Rural Studio and Harvard GSD where her projects received an AR Award for Emerging Architecture and the James Templeton Kelley Prize. As a recipient of Emerging Voices Award (AIA/ Young Architects Forum) two Faculty Design Awards (Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture), and Next Progressives (Architect Magazine) her creative work has been published in architectural trade journals including Architectural Review, Architectural Record, and Wallpaper, as well as more experimental publications including a+t, DAMn, ART PAPERS, PLAT, Offramp, and MAS Context. Bonner has exhibited work at the Royal Institute of British Architects, National Building Museum, WUHO gallery, History MIAMI, Yve YANG gallery, pinkcomma gallery, Istanbul Modern Museum, Boston’s Rose Kennedy Greenway, and the Chicago Architecture Biennial.

MALL stands for Mass Architectural Loopty Loops. Or Miniature Angles & Little Lines. Or Maximum Arches with Limited Liability. The acronym is a 20th century Americanism in wide circulation—Americans love their shorthand. MALL uses short form,not to be quick or flippant, but because we can’t say that we have it all figured out yet. Just as the long form name tends to change from month-to-month, our architectural interests shift for each project. MALL is interested in an intellectual project, where flooding galleries with 7,000 gallons of water, proposing alternative futures for a 1-mile long tornado shelter, and hacking ordinary roof types all begin to sound possible. In search of authenticity, we are most happy when we achieve misbehavior in architecture. We are committed to projects that re-appropriate history, hack typologies, reference cultural events, and invent representation.

All lectures are also streamed live at at the time of the lecture (Pacific Time / US-West Coast)