Graduate Director to Speak at IOEZ Round Table

Academy of Art University School of Architecture’s Graduate Director Mark Mueckenheim will represent our school as part of a virtual round table discussion with other worldwide guests and collaborators to discuss the future of online decentralized architecture education. 

The round table is part of the IOEZ program at the Architectural Association (AA) in London. There will be participants, students, educators, and architects from around the world.

Graduate Director Mark Mueckenheim’s contribution is live tomorrow, Sunday, September 25th, at 11 am PDT (6 pm UTC). 

INHABITANTS OF EXCLUSION ZONE (IOEZ) is an online-only, remote, and open-source research assembly located on a server near you.  

A global expedition revolving around the spatial thinkers of tomorrow, converging real-time interferences into augmented arrangements of time and space. 

A plug-in studio of the Architectural Association, broadcasting in real-time.  

“We come together to explore a space unbound to the time of day, weather, borders, or policies, but one relying on ideas, transistors, observations, networks, and topographies. A territory defined by you, explorers, restless, curious, and mature individuals – spread across various geo-locations, unfamiliar places, cultures, and communities.  We will be merging screens, hands, airwaves, footsteps, and frequencies, interpreting signal delays, overlays, and cultural shocks. Creating, mapping, and broadcasting real-time experiences and narratives as a critical form of digital inhabitation through integrated non-linear space-time relations.  

IOEZ defines spatial frameworks and experiences on the edge of systematic computing, a conflicting mix of analogue and digital, a world in translocation. The online outdoors™”