Flad Architects Scholarship Winners


Flad Architects Scholarship Winners


Please congratulate Mai Ho-Nguyen and Andrew Hart who are the recipients of the 2022 Flad Architects Scholarship!


Flad Architects generously offered scholarships of $2000 each to one 5th year student and one 4th year B Arch student. The scholarship is intended to support minority students who are US citizens living in the Bay Area and taking onsite classes, and not currently receiving tuition support through athletic scholarships or veteran benefits.

Applying the eligibility criteria, the jury came up with 3 finalists in each of the 4th and 5th year categories. Among the finalists, the two students below have been selected as winners based on their consistent and committed engagement in their design studios and leadership qualities. The jury consisted of Karen Seong (Undergraduate Director), Sameena Sitabkhan (Undergraduate Assistant Director), Doron Serban (Emerging Technologies Coordinator and Midpoint Review Chair), Braden Engel (History Theory Coordinator and Thesis Review Chair), and Eva Chiu (First Year Coordinator). The jury comments for each award-recipients are below.


4th year award recipient: Andrew Hart

“Drew has shown year after year his passion for architecture. In his 4th year studio, he fully committed to a purpose – to design for a previously oppressed community in a formerly Redlined neighborhood in San Francisco. His unwavering and consistent effort throughout the semester won the support of his peers who spontaneously showered him with applause at the conclusion of his final review presentation. His project was meticulously crafted and powerful.”


Statement from Andrew, “I am so grateful for the recognition and award. Not only that, but for an amazing semester. During Covid, as I imagine for many, there were very difficult times and I had slightly lost sight of my passion and goals for architecture. The faculty, my peers, and the many resources we had this semester reaffirmed my drive and my passion for what I love, architecture. So again, thank you, this truly means more to me than I can put into words.

I am really proud that my work and specificall the ARH 410 Studio 7 project are being recognized for this award. I feel that I am passionate and also responsible for representing underserved communities. Not only am I full of excitement and overwhelmed with emotion, this gives me drive and pushes me to exceed my work this previous semester and expand on my skill set to continue to speak and design for those who voices aren’t heard.”


5th year award recipient: Mai Ho-Nguyen

“Mai is amazing. She takes the lead and is thoughtful. She is successfully juggling many responsibilities including being the incoming NOMAS president, pursuing internships, working to support herself, and her design studios. She’s been indispensable in the 5th year design-build studio showing strong leadership skills.”


Statement from Mai, “Thank you! This is such an honor and I’m very grateful for the acknowledgment as well as guidance from faculty.”


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