ARH FALL 2020 Workshops

Fall 2020 Workshops


Fall 2020 workshops are open to all undergraduate/graduate onsite and online students . All workshops will be conducted via Zoom.

Throughout the week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, students can drop in to the workshops to get help on assignments from any course that require the use of digital software.

Returning students will know that the faculty teaching the workshops have been teaching various ARH courses and are frequent guest critics to design studio reviews. They are highly qualified to answer any software-related, subject/ skill specific questions as well as to offer moral support!

If you have questions, please contact Iryna Moskalenko at


ARH Digital Software  Workshops:


Mondays 6-8pm PST (Modules 4 through 13)

David Schragger will be supporting students working with

Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.), Revit, Rhino, Dynamo, Grasshopper, and more


Wednesdays 1-3pm PST (Modules 3 through 13)

Zach Meade will be supporting students working with

Revit, Enscape, Rhino, Adobe Suite, and more


Thursdays 3-5pm PST (Modules 4 through 13)

Doron Serban will be supporting students working with

Adobe Suite, Rhino, Twin Motion (for rendering), 3Ds Max, Grasshopper, and more


Wednesdays 10-11am and Thursdays 11am-12pm PST (Modules 4 through 13)

Argelia Barcena will be supporting students working with CAD & Revit.

Zoom link will be provided shortly.


ARH Structural Workshops:


Thursdays 12-2pm PST ( Modules 3 through 11)

Carl Wilford will be supporting students in Structures Homework Lab.


ARH Drawing Workshops:


Tuesdays 10am-12pm PST (Modules 3 through 13)

Carol Buhrmann will be supporting students with Architectural Drawings.


ARH Writing Workshops:


Tuesdays 7pm-9pm ( Modules 4 through 14)

Wynn Newberry will be supporting Graduate Thesis and Pre-Thesis students with writing.