Co-Creating Hong Kong Design+Exhibition

Co-Creating Hong Kong Design+Exhibition

Chandran Gallery

Through 14 design projects, “Co-creating Hong Kong” shall illustrate how Hong Kong’s emerging and leading creative talent applies design thinking to bring new perspectives on technology, sustainability, community. This refers to their co-creative efforts in the design process, as well as their collaborative synergies in carving out Hong Kong’s unique position in the Greater Bay area. It also reinforces Hong Kong’s continual creative collaboration with a dynamic range of cities and countries. Design is a co-creative methodology to create experiences and mechanisms for forging new dialogues across disciplines, between craft and technology, history and the future, local and global as well as to connect pockets of Hong Kong’s diverse community.

The overall visual identity is inspired by the weaving of various colours and textures as a metaphor for the cross-collaboration among different people, communities and disciplines. The exhibition experience starts with technology-oriented projects, leading onto sustainability and community’s oriented works.

Co-Creating Hong Kong Exhibit Public Gallery Hours are:

Free and open to the public

Sunday, September 15 – Saturday, September 21, 2019, 10 AM-5 PM

The exhibition is co-hosted by Hong Kong Design Centre with the support of AIGA San Francisco, the professional association for design in the Bay Area.

All works are supplemented with captions and behind-the-scene materials supplied by participating designers to offer a multi-layered experience.


Henry Chu / Projects: Shadow Harp & Hanzi Installation

Shadow Harp – An interactive interface which generates music and dancing graphic based on the mapped reaction of the audience.

Body Walk An interactive interface with a Hanzi character which moves along with the audience’s movement. The character can be tailor made for the exhibition’s title.

Victor Wong / Project: MIND WANDERING (Fragmented Reality)

A newly adapted 3D projection film which illustrates the digital and immaterial dimension of space, inspired by Hong Kong’s urban landscape.

Karr Yip / Project: SOSOC

An app facilitating worldwide NGOs’ organisations, marketing campaigns and member development.

Mui Kinoshita / Project: Airluna

A luminary device with embedded air purifying function, using nanotechnology to make filters that can absorb pollutants and convert them into harmless substances.

Mazing Lee and Connie Lee / Project: Lify

A smart wellness System that comprises of connected brewer, tea discs, as well as an integrated APP and cloud platform that provide tailor-made drink recommendations.

Clement Tien and San Wong / Project: Arical

An intelligent platform generating architectural design based on market data, planning, regulations, design principles and constraints.

Prof. Kristof Crolla and Prof. Adam Fingrut / The Chinese University of Hong Kong Project: ZCB Bamboo Pavilion

It is a collaborative project to investigate how local craft traditions can be combined with digital technologies to offer sustainable, innovative and practical building solutions.

Donn Holohan / The University of Hong Kong Project: Sun Room / Living Museum

The project series developed efficient, individualised construction systems which could be integrated with craft practices in Peitian of China. They are also developing a museum which will disseminate the tools, methodologies and processes.

Julie & Jesse / Project: The Jingtao Cichang Project

Using distressed ceramic moulds found in an old factory area of Jingdezhen, the duo have cast new pieces to reveal the beauty and poetics in their physical deterioration.

Enable Foundation / Project: Dementia Story · Happy Colouring

Colouring Canvas are co-created by elderly dementia patients and young people to promote cross-generational creativity and understanding.

Narrative Made / Project: The Textile Atlas and other co-creative design projects with India and Ghana</p>

The platform promotes heritage crafts, responsible making and storytelling. Practices include publications, textiles productions and researches.They are working with Ghanian straw weaving craftsmen on hat products and Indian nomads on carpet products.

FFIXXED STUDIOS / Project: Adhoc systems

Ffixxed studio has created its own fabric production system to re-use fabric waste and discarded materials in the neighbourhood in their contemporary collection.

Loom Loop / Project: Continuing

The brand rejuvenates and conserves the eco-friendly and artisan-centric Cantonese silk that they see as representative of traditional culture and craftsmanship.