ARH 550: Studio 10: Final Thesis Project

ARH 550: Studio 10: Final Thesis Project


The final project is a culmination of the knowledge and skills gained through the program. Students formulate a research topic, and propose a structure that tests their thesis with a program and within a site. Project requirements will include a precedent analysis and written thesis.

Prerequisite: ARH 510


Course Learning Outcomes

As a result of successfully completing this course, students…

  • Will be able to:

    • Apply and extend previous semester’s research thread inclusive of site, typology, and program towards developing an architectural proposal
    • Develop own design methodology for advancing the thesis project
    • Critique own work to advance the project towards slated goals
    • Propose a building for human habitation which exhibits a spatial and architectural investigation of the thesis statement
    • Develop an architectural proposal which integrates research and theory, programming, site analysis, climate, tectonics, and structure
    • Produce a clear and complete set of final documents to be used for a final review
    • Produce a final project booklet to document the design process and building proposal
    • Student work from this course will meet all or part of NAAB SPC A.4 Architectural Design Skills: Ability to effectively use basic formal, organizational and environmental principles and the capacity of each to inform two- and three-dimensional design
    • Student work from this course will meet all or part of NAAB SPC C.1 Research: Understanding of the theoretical and applied research methodologies and practices used during the design process
    • Student work from this course will meet all or part of NAAB SPC C.2 Integrated Evaluations and Decision-Making Design Process: Ability to demonstrate the skills associated with making integrated decisions across multiple systems and variables in the completion of a design project. This demonstration includes problem identification, setting evaluative criteria, analyzing solutions, and predicting the effectiveness of implementation
  • Will display the following attitudes/ professional behaviors:

    • Meet assigned deadlines
    • Accept and apply critiques
    • Analyze and discuss work using industry specific terminology
    • Prepare for and contribute to class discussions and critiques