ARH 550 Studio 10 Final Thesis Project

ARH 550 Studio 10 Final Thesis Project


Architects can be agents of change. With the guidance of faculty, you will select a unique site and program to test your thesis and address topics that matter to you. Through your architectural response, you’ll challenge the status quo and envision new opportunities for architecture to solve problems.

Prerequisite: ARH 510

Course Learning Outcomes


  • Apply and extend previous semester’s research thread inclusive of site, typology, and program towards developing an architectural proposal
  • Develop own design methodology for advancing the thesis project
  • Critique own work to advance the project towards slated goals
  • Propose a building for human habitation which exhibits a spatial and architectural investigation of the thesis statement
  • Develop an architectural proposal which integrates research and theory, programming, site analysis, climate, tectonics, and structure
  • Produce a clear and complete set of final documents to be used for a final review
  • Produce a Thesis Book to document the design process and building proposal

NAAB Criteria


  • PC 2 Design How the program instills in students the role of the design process in shaping the built environment and conveys the methods by which design processes integrate multiple factors, in different settings and scales of development, from buildings to cities.
  • PC 5 Research and Innovation How the program prepares students to engage and participate in architectural research to test and evaluate innovations in the field.
  • PC 7 Learning and Teaching Culture How the program fosters and ensures a positive and respectful environment that encourages optimism, respect, sharing, engagement, and innovation among its faculty, students, administration, and staff.
  • PC 8 Social Equity and Inclusion How the program furthers and deepens students’ understanding of diverse cultural and social contexts and helps them translate that understanding into built environments that equitably support and include people of different backgrounds, resources, and abilities.
  • SC 5 Design Synthesis (Ability) How the program ensures that students develop the ability to make design decisions within architectural projects while demonstrating synthesis of user requirements, regulatory requirements, site conditions, and accessible design, and consideration of the measurable environmental impacts of their design decisions.