ARH 399 Building Information Modeling

ARH 399 Building Information Modeling


Become confident using industry-standard Autodesk Revit to design a building. You will learn to create technical drawings and presentation images, and learn the basic principles of compiling and organizing a construction drawing set.

Prerequisites: ARH 239, ARH 255, ARH 390

Featured Image: Daniel Lee

Course Learning Outcomes


  • Construct a basic three-dimensional architectural model and its site using BIM techniques.
  • Use massing tools for schematic design and context modeling.
  • Layout floor plans with standard drawing conventions such as dimensions, column lines, and lineweights.
  • Set up standard architectural views (elevations, sections, etc.) and sheets for presentations and construction drawings.
  • Utilize BIM-specific tools such as walkthroughs and solar studies.
  • Build and use two-dimensional and three-dimensional custom families.