ARH 110 Studio 1 Conceptual Design Studio



Learn design principles for creating spaces for people. You will utilize design, methodology, and space-making principles to gain fundamental knowledge and skills in environmental design, and prepare for future architecture and landscape architecture studios.

Prerequisites: ARH 170 and on campus English as a second language students must pass EAP level 4 (ARH 170 may be concurrent)

Student Project by: Jonathan T. Lee

Course Learning Outcomes


  • Use a journal for freehand sketching, annotating and observing the built environment.
  • Exhibit spatial visualization and communication skills through basic technical drawings – plan, section and elevation
  • Exhibit spatial visualization and an understanding of site through the use of well-crafted models.
  • Exhibit an understanding of scale through reference to the human body in 1/2″ and 1/8″ drawings and models.
  • Identify the fundamental design principles present in relevant precedents and incorporate in design proposals
  • Present a design project narratively and visually incorporating architectural drawing skills and environmental design principles