ARH 110 Studio 1 Conceptual Design Studio



Students will learn principles for making places for people through the examination of design, procedures, and the use of space-making principles in general. Design studio projects and exercises will introduce fundamental concepts and considerations in environmental design, and knowledge and skills needed in subsequent landscape, architecture and interior design studios.

Student Project by: Jonathan T. Lee

Course Learning Outcomes

  • Use a journal for freehand sketching, annotating and observing the built environment.
  • Exhibit spatial visualization and communication skills through basic technical drawings – plan, section and elevation
  • Exhibit spatial visualization and an understanding of site through the use of well-crafted models.
  • Exhibit an understanding of scale through reference to the human body in 1/4″ and 1/8″ drawings and models.
  • Identify the fundamental design principles present in relevant precedents and incorporate in design proposals
  • Discuss the fundamentals of both natural and formal ordering systems and their capacity to inform 2D and 3D design
  • Present a design project narratively and visually incorporating technical skills and environmental design principles