unMUTED Lecture Sept 13th 6pm

“It’s full of stars: Machine Dreams and Collaborations: Machine Learning, AI and design”


Recording HERE


The unMUTED lecture series at Academy of Art Architecture is centered around inclusive voices in architecture, with an opportunity to hear the narratives, struggles and joy that are part of a designer’s journey. For this Fall’s lecture, the focus will be on women experimenting with and using machine learning and AI in their practice. The lecture will be presented as a panel with 2 speakers and an alumni student moderator at 601 Brannan in San Francisco. The space will also hold curated prototypes, projects and exhibits throughout the space. Students take an active role in organizing the event and will shape the direction of panel topics and exhibits.

The event is free for Academy of Art students, faculty and staff and is part of the SF AIA 2023 Architecture and the City Festival. It will be live streamed on zoom HERE and in person at 601 Brannan Street in San Francisco

Amy Karle

Amy Karle is an internationally award-winning ultra-contemporary artist working at the nexus of where digital, physical and biological systems merge. Karle is also a provocateur and a futurist, opening future visions of how art, science, and technology could be utilized to support and enhance humanity while making advancements in the technology towards those goals in the process of making her artworks. Current projects probe who we could become as a result of our exponential technologies and how interventions could alter the course of our future. https://www.amykarle.com/

Nasira Fabelhaft

Nasira Fabelhaft is a creative technologist whose work melds architectural design patterns with computational processes, evolving the human experience of spatial environments across both tangible and immaterial realms.  Fabelhaft’s design research investigates, and exacerbates, the tension between art and technology, in order to examine human behavior when confronted with seemingly conflicting expressions of inhabitable space. http://www.eyefriction.com/

Emma Stewart

Emma Stewart graduated this summer from AAU’s BA-ARH-D program and is interested in the overlap between Architecture, video games, and experimental design. 

Student Participants:

Elle Edeker
Sunni Wilkins
David Ablang
Laura Fescenko