Undergraduate Thesis Reviews Fall 2020


B.Arch First Semester Thesis Presentations Fall 2020

Thesis Faculty: Philip Ra and Mini Chu



Friday 5:00-8:00pm PST

Ramona Gakuba

Steeped in Stigma

Exploring architecture as a developmental strategy to reframe mental health barriers in a community facing intergenerational trauma


Juke Jose

From Individualism to Kapwa

Liberating architecture from the Western culture of individualism through the appropriation of Filipino psychology of kapwa – shared identity


Kim Sran

Architectonic Indigeneity

Sheltering the indigenous women and abused women in a cultural and healing environment within the urban landscape of Winnipeg




Sunday 9:15am-12:15pm PST


Brett Greene

Love is More

Responding to the housing crisis in Nashville by providing shelter, dignity and sanctuary to those experiencing homelessness


Keaton Merhish

Vague Space

Re-imagining unwanted space to enhance human experience by re-instilling dignity and equality in the urban neighborhood

Daniel Lee

Reconstructing the Sacred

Framing political spaces as sacred territories in the age of economic governance



B.Arch Final Thesis Presentations Fall 2020

Thesis Faculty: Philip Ra and Mini Chu




Sunday 1:00pm- 6:00pm PST

Zed Malmoux

Public Congruency

Leveling the divide between neighborhood boundaries in the Tenderloin through an architecture that re-envisions public infrastructure in order to achieve a healthy communal environment


Ryan – Shuangrong Zhong


Reconstructing the sense of belonging for the displaced and under-served by creating a heterogeneous urban environment through the transformation of obsolete spaces


Tracy – Yuanyuan Chen

Neuro – tecture

Creating mental wellness and protection in school for vulnerable children through the layering of spatial conditions, physical boundaries and visual connections to nature and light


Leo – Yang  Xi

The Portal

Unveiling and re-imagining Xian’s lost artistic history in the Modern City


Zoe – Qiaoyu Zheng

Urban Living Room

Speculating on the experience of the public library as an extension of personal space by exploring degrees of privacy in an anxious urban context


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