Undergraduate Final Reviews

Undergraduate Thesis Studio Spring Semester 2019

The Final Reviews of our B.Arch Thesis Studio for Spring Semester 2019 will begin Monday, May 6th with the presentation of our B.Arch thesis projects. The reviews are open to the public, please see our posters for location and time.

B.Arch Thesis Reviews Spring 2019
Monday May 6th
Brannan Atrium

Faculty: Mini Chu, Philip Ra
Review Panel: Jennifer Asselstine, Karen Seong, Braden Engel, Faculty & Guests

12:30-1:30pm  Kenta Oye
Palimpsests of Immigrants Growth in Urban Fabrics |Revealing and Reclaiming Lost Ethnic Communities in San Francisco

1:30-3:00pm  Patricia Heriyantho
The Price of Doing Good |Connecting Deforestation in Indonesia to San Francisco in the search for a Sustainable Urban Solution

3:00-4:30pm Corlandus Lang
Trail of Recovery |Healing Abandoned Post-Industrialized Community through Discovery, Research and Learning

4:30-6:00pm Lamiae Ameziane
Minding the Gap |Weaving Artist Spaces into the Fringes of Gentrified Communities