Graphic Design Workshop


Mary Scott, Chair Emeritus of the Graphic Design School at AAU will be presenting a final Graphic Design Workshop for Architecture Students this Thursday at 3:30 in the first floor Gallery at 601 Brannan. Don’t miss this opportunity!

The workshop covers an introduction to professional graphic design standards in making a book including a hands-on demonstration of the proper use of InDesign for setting up your thesis books and portfolios.
Mary Scott will illustrate and highlight the graphic ideas, concepts, and specifications required for a professional thesis book and portfolio, which are necessary submittals at the end of your architecture studies.

You can circumvent much “trial and error” time by implementing what you will learn from this workshop. Learning how to set
up your book properly will be an asset. In the end, your fellow graduates have successfully secured their first job,
based on the professional design of their thesis book and portfolio.

See you there!