Thesis Award Recipients

School of Architecture 2016 B.Arch Thesis Award winners

Front Row: Karen Seong, Undergraduate Assistant Director, Benny Flores, Paris Yuan, Erina Yamada, Jennifer Asselstine, Undergraduate Director

Back Row: Michael Attwell, Micheal Donahue


The Thesis Awards this year were:

Paris Yuan,

2016 Outstanding B.Arch Thesis Award

For her thoughtful exploration of human condition


Michael Attwell,

Most Relevant Thesis Award

For his responsive to water resources


Erina Yamada,

Best Visualized Thesis Award

For her intimacy of program and scale


Benny Flores,

Most Provocative Thesis Award

For his visionary repositioning of the automobile as a part of the urban experience


Micheal Donahue,

Best Argued Thesis Award

For his critique on housing supply and demand, on the role of our profession


Congratulations to all of our Spring Show Award winners!