Study Abroad Program 2015


Join our new Study Abroad program. Come with us to Europe and experience an amazing selection of world class buildings in France, The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. We will travel from July 20th – August 4th 2015.
Travel component is organized by the Academy for International Education | Bonn, Germany

This is an intensive course that focuses on canonical works of contemporary architecture. Their conceptual meanings and roles in recent architectural discourse will be studied and researched throughout the summer semester.

The class culminates in site visits to these buildings, which are high profile works of world renowned architects. Guided tours and lectures on site will be an important part of the class.

Travel Costs: $5,120 USD
(tuition not included/exact amount to be confirmed)

The price includes: Airfare/Chartered Bus Travel /Public Transportation/Hotel with Breakfast /Tour Guides (where applicable)/Entrance Fees/Logistical Support.

Enroll by contacting the AAU office.

*Please note that minor changes to the program based on building accessibility or specific local conditions may occur.