ARH 604: Materials and Methods of Construction

Faculty: David Gill / Paul Rivers

Course Description

Gain a high level of competence in the technical and tactile aspects of architectural design by developing a sophisticated wall section. You will design key details, which provide a significant portion of a completed documentation for a building design.

Course Learning Outcomes

  • Students will be able to:
    • Draw and build a model of a wall section showing the following components: building structure, HVAC, roof drainage, and wall structure.
    • Visually describe by drawing and notation, details of the enclosure systems, door and window systems.
    • Present work in a comprehensive way, describing the structural and waterproofing system of the wall section from the top of the wall to the foundation.
    • Find and evaluate research on integrating approaches of building materials and component, with an awareness of the whole building system.
    • Use a cyclical design approach to defining building details within a framework of an overall building envelope.