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Mental Health


Students should be encouraged to be vigilant about maintaining their mental health which can be exacerbated by the stress of completing course work when there are ongoing financial, legal, housing, and other anxieties. As faculty, we should set high expectations in our courses for the students’ benefit while simultaneously showing empathy and compassion to students dealing with anxiety. Please encourage students to ask for help within and beyond AAU. If a student approaches you with mental health concerns, please refer them to the Directors as a first step. We can connect them to the resources available to them.

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Jed Foundation


Available to AAU students is the Jed Foundation. A non-profit based in NYC, the Jed Foundation provides free resources for college-age students who are struggling with their mental health. Their “wellness” section is particularly helpful.

Download PDF List of Virtual Resources


PDF file contains links to Crisis and Non-Emergency Lines, Mental Health Resources, Medical Resources, COVID-19 Resources.