Jennifer Asselstine
Past Undergraduate Director


Jennifer Asselstine was the initial Undergraduate Director for the School of Architecture upon the founding of the Undergraduate program by Alberto Bertoli in 2009. Jennifer served the Academy of Art University since 2004  first as a faculty member and starting in 2011 as the first Undergraduate Director. Jennifer Asselstine shaped the 4 and 5 year Undergraduate programs together with her Faculty. She lead the National Architecture Accrediting Board (NAAB) accreditation efforts and achived initial accreditation for the B.Arch in 2015. Jennifer created a strong legacy for the School of Architecture that emphasized issues of equity, ethics, and building for the greater good that resonates in the school even after her departure in 2021.

Jennifer Asselstine AIA has 30 years of experience in architecture and design and runs a design business in San Anselmo. She earned her Bachelor of Architecture degree from University of Minnesota, where she received an award from the American Institute of Architects.  She studied at London’s Architectural Association and worked in the U.S., London, Malaysia and Australia on projects ranging from hotels and senior housing to an IMAX theater. She won a design award from the American Society of Interior Designers for the Red Cross Headquarters and Blood Processing Center.