History Going Up In Flames: Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral

A Nod to Notre Dame

We join the global community that is in shock and distress over the events in Paris yesterday. Notre Dame de Paris, arguably one of the most prominent gothic cathedrals representative of the Middle Ages, suffered a devastating fire on Monday, April 15, 2019. The cathedral was undergoing renovations to repair the damage and deterioration it has sustained throughout the centuries. These renovations are thought to be the cause of the fire, with arson and terrorism being ruled out as causes.

In terms of damage, the cathedral itself is structurally sound, although a bit charred. The roof has suffered massive amounts of damage, with parts caving in. The spire that once topped this architectural wonder is no more, giving way to the fires that plagued the cathedral from Monday evening to Tuesday morning.

Notre Dame de Paris translates to “Our Lady of Paris” and was meant to be a cathedral dedicated to the Virgin Mary and is the cathedral for the Archdiocese of Paris. The first stones of Notre Dame were laid in 1163 and construction continued throughout the centuries, as pieces were added, destroyed, or dismantled. Being well versed in damage and revivals, and with the aid of talented architects and artists, Notre Dame can be returned to its former glory, giving it a full recovery from the unfortunate events of the fire.

The harrowing but striking images were taken by fellow academician Erieta Attali, an elite architectural photographer who spent the first ten years of her career as a photographer of monuments and heritage. An eye witness to the terrible events in Paris, her visual account of this almost total loss of cultural heritage speaks of the terrifying destruction in ways that words can not.

Images © By Erieta Attali