Final Undergraduate Thesis Reviews SP 2022

B.Arch Collaborative 

Design Project Spring 2022

Faculty: Sameena Sitabkhan



May 5th 

11:00 am – 12:00 pm PDT

Mai Ho Nguyen, Leo Gonzalez,

Kenny Soriano, Louis Malik

– Park Merced Social Space


B.Arch Final Thesis 

Presentation Spring 2022

Faculty: Philip Ra, Ethen Wood



May 13th 


3:00 pm PDT

Drake Hummel

– Reclaiming the Riverfront:

Providing Waterfront Access at a Brownfield

Site on the Schuylkill River


3:40 pm PDT

Jessica Trevino

– Safely Held:

A Residential Recovery Retreat for

Sexual Assault Survivors


4:20 pm PDT

Kyle Lanzer

– The Takeover:

The People’s Overtaking of Mega-Structures


5:00 pm PDT

Jorge Luna

– Embracing Density:

Senior Housing in Danbury, Connecticut


5:40 pm PDT

Iveta Posledni

– Healing the Urban Fabric:

New Cultural Center and Baths in

Marianske Lazne, Czech Republic


6:20 pm PDT

Anahi Servin Pacua

– Layers of Friction:

A Cultural Anchor for the Mission District








B.Arch First Semester 

Thesis Presentations 

Spring 2022  

Faculty: Philip Ra and Ethen Wood



May 20th


2:05 pm PDT

Jose Pineda-Perez

– A Community School in a Previously

Redlined Neighborhood in Oakland


2:35 pm PDT

Andrae Sanders

– RV Tower for the Unhoused in

Downtown San Francisco


3:05 pm PDT

Hins Weixuan Feng

– Growing Food and Bird Watching

in India Basin, San Francisco


3:35 pm PDT

Sydney Cooke

– Women’s Cultural Center in the Tenderloin


4:05 pm PDT

Ricky Rizhao Dong

– Stacking Fields:

Repurposing Abandoned Spaces into

Vertical Parks in West Oakland


4:35 pm PDT

Daniel Luna

– Promoting Creative Industries for Communities

of Color in Downtown Los Angeles


5:05 pm PDT

Matthew Mitchell

– Self-Reliant Community in Bosque

Calderon in Bogota, Columbia



Connor Bowes

– Emerging Islais Creek in San Francisco


All presentations will be via Zoom links can be provided by emailing