Discussion on Redlining

Discussion on Redlining


Students in ARH 450, ARH 410, ARH 315, LA 292, and ARH 240  are invited to participate in a Discussion on Redlining in the US. Faculty will structure the discussion using research presented by Richard Rothstein in his book “The Color of Law.” The group discussion will be a shared platform for students and faculty to learn about the history of zoning laws. Conversations initiated during the session will be followed up in each respective classes to support students in making informed design proposals.


9/16 Wednesday 12 – 1:30pm


Conceptboard https://aau-architecture.conceptboard.com/board/8qm7-dc4i-1zag-5p3b-tnxy#


Introduction – 10 min


Community Agreement


Part 1 Watch and Discuss – 20 min


Watch video “The Legacy of Redlining” by Urban Displacement Project on SF redlining  (about 6 min)



Discuss in Breakout Rooms in groups of 3 (5 min):

  • Do you live in a homogeneous or diverse neighborhood?
  • What do you know about segregation in the US or in other countries?

Return to the Main Room to ask questions (10 min)


Part 2 Watch and Write – 20 min


Watch Housing Segregation and Redlining in America: A Short History by Gene Demby of NPR’s Code Switch

Housing Segregation and Redlining in America: A Short History


Write in sticky notes in Conceptboard (or in this Google Doc for more anonymity) your responses to these questions (10 min):

  • Is this information new to you? Does it influence your previous opinions?
  • How does this information make you feel?
  • In your view, is segregation a thing of the past? How does it impact various communities differently? In what way is segregation related to crime, education, public health?


Part 3 Brainstorm – 20 min


Working together with 5 or 6 people in each Breakout room (with at least 1 faculty also in the room), generate ideas for actions and write them down in Conceptboard. Select a spokesperson who will take notes and present to the larger group in Part 4.

What can be done to repair some of the harms of segregation in the following categories? State the problem first and then jot down ideas for actions.

Public Spaces, Housing, Transportation (transit), Climate Justice (locations of polluting industries), Education, Social Services


Part 4 Share – 15 min


Return to the Main Room to share group work.

Take poll on Zoom on whether you are interested in a follow up session.



Additional Videos


Pushed Out: Displacement Today and Lasting Impacts


5 min video describing the impacts of displacement and evictions with a focus on solutions such as neighborhood regeneration and community resilience


Segregated by Design


Austin-based animator Mark Lopez directed 17 minute film narrated by the author of The Color of Law Richard Rothstein