Designing the Built Environment: Architecture / Landscape/Interior


School of Landscape Architecture (LAN)

  • The world needs Landscape Architects now more than ever! The Biden-Harris Administration recently released the Nature-Based Solutions Roadmap, a federal policy that increases funding to develop solutions to environmental issues that the profession of landscape architecture has long recognized and put into practice.
  • Landscape Architects create solutions for climate change. Examples include the use of green infrastructure strategies such as bioswales, retention ponds, constructed wetlands, roof gardens, etc.
  • Landscape Architects improve the quality of urban life for all. The accessibility to nature, food security, open space in urban areas is now more important than ever.
  • Landscape Architects create beautiful and inspiring places for healing.

More information about the Landscape Architecture program is at this link:

Important Note about LAAB Accreditation

LAAB stands for Landscape Architectural Accreditation Board. Our program is not LAAB accredited, but the curricula for BFA and MFA are based on LAAB standards. Each state has different licensure requirements. Some states provide a path to licensure without a LAAB accredited degree, and some do not. The states that provide a path require additional work experience under the supervision of a licensed professional. Check with your state’s licensing board to confirm licensing requirements. Start with the Council of Landscape Architecture Registration Boards (CLARB) website at this link:

State licensing board contact information and eligibility requirements are at this link:

School of Interior Architecture and Design (IAD)


According to the EPA, Americans spend an average of 87% of their life indoors. As an interior designer you get the opportunity to have a huge impact on the quality of peoples lives by creating the spaces they in which they live and work.

The BFA-IAD is accredited by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA) which is equivalent to an Olympic Gold Medal in the industry. The program emphasizes the entire process for interior architecture, starting with sketching, and model-building, and then moves into digital design utilizing software such as CAD, ArchiCAD, and REVIT. IAD students will learn how to hone their ideas into realistic concepts and master the practical skills of sketching, which are needed in the workplace. They will also have access to fully equipped workspaces that allow projects to be developed from concept to construction. 

More information about the Interior Architecture and Design program is at this link: