B.Arch NAAB Accreditation Visit Success!

B.Arch NAAB Accreditation Visit Success!


We would like to announce the recent success of the NAAB (National Architectural Accrediting Board) Visit for Initial Accreditation of the B.Arch degree program. The Visiting Team not only saw the strengths of our faculty, curriculum and student work in the School of Architecture, but the importance and value of the overall mission of the Academy of Art University to support the advancement of young artists and architects within an inclusive, diverse, and professionally-focused art school environment.

We want to acknowledge our entire B.Arch faculty – both full time and part time – for the commitment they have made in translating the curriculum to the students and guiding them with both patience and inspiration through their personal and professional development. We could not be more proud of the academic community.

It takes a village to create a program and this is clear when we look at the support we have received from the University at large. Over 100 people have advised students, supported students and faculty in the classroom and beyond, collaborated with the department to create and communicate dynamic and appropriate curriculum, partnered with us to provide excellent professional opportunities for students, advocated for our programs within and beyond the University, provided facilities, transportation and campus security for our diverse needs and carried out the daily administration required to keep us going. We extend our appreciation to all who support our students and program development.

The Visiting Team Report will be forwarded to the NAAB for a formal vote by the Board members. We look forward to the official decision regarding our Initial Accreditation from NAAB in March 2016.

Mimi Sullivan, Executive Director
Jennifer Asselstine, Undergraduate Director
Eric Lum, Online Director
Karen Seong, Assistant Undergraduate Director
School of Architecture