B.Arch First Semester Thesis Presentations Spring 2021

B.Arch First Semester Thesis Presentations Spring 2021

Thesis Faculty: Philip Ra and Mini Chu



May 5

Wednesday 5:00-8:00pm PDT


Yang (Qiyang) Xu

Unveiling Forgotten Identities:

Investigating migration problems in Chinese architecture and culture


Andrew Deans

Second Chance Center:

Redefining equitable foundations for the socially displaced


Jae Seok Jeong

Tomorrow’s Urban Heritage:

Rediscovering ecological strategies for sustainable city environments



 May 6

Thursday 5:00-8:00pm PDT


Cristopher Staedler

Adaptive Aquatecture:

Transforming Monterey’s waterfront architecture to engage rising sea levels

Kadia Bah

Cultural Mutilation:

Reclaiming the livelihood of FMG victims



Michael Short

Retreat to Nature:

Finding refuge and healing through the balance of nature and architecture


B.Arch Final Thesis Presentations Spring 2021

Thesis Faculty: Philip Ra and Mini Chu



 May 7

Friday 5:30-8:30pm PDT


Keaton Merhish

A Planned Accident:

Designing for chance by rationalizing chaos through architecture

Ramona Gakuba

Steeped in Stigma:

Reimagining healing in the Rwandan community experiencing intergenerational trauma


Kim Sran

Architectonic Indigeneity:

Healing for women victims with design rooted in the Red River of the North



 May 8

Saturday 9:00-1:00pm PDT

Daniel Lee

Sign-Up Sheet:

Investigating the sacred and political through architectures of autonomous citizenry


Juke Jose

Individualism to Kapwa:

Redefining the meaning of home for the migrant communities of San Francisco through shared being


Brett Greene

Love Your Neighbor:

Rebuilding a dignified sanctuary for the homeless community in post-pandemic Nashville


Luka Radovic

Networking Identities:

Breaking the limitations of traditional marketplaces in Montenegro


All presentations will be via Zoom.

Zoom links can be provided by emailing architecture@academyart.edu