B.Arch Alumni Featured in Dwell Magazine

School of Architecture Alumni Success 

Mike Donahue

The School of Architecture would like to share some exciting news! Mike Donahue, a B.Arch alumni, had his project feature as the lead story in Dwell magazine. Mike had the following story to share with his Alma Mater:

“Since leaving San Francisco in 2017, I spent some time working in New York City and last year, decided to move to Costa Rica for a self guided design-build ‘study abroad’ as I was still grappling with many of the ideas I studied in my thesis and wanted to explore further. Costa Rica is an interesting place architecturally because homes here are forever homes, but because of this, they are forever changing. [T]his was a central concept to my Incrolab research and very inspiring to me. So, over the past year, I purchased and renovated a typical Costa Rican home further challenging these ideas hands on. Today, I was fortunate enough to have my project featured as the lead story on Dwell.com.”

Congratulations Mike, on such an amazing achievement and we wish you all the luck in your future endeavors.

To read the article on Dwell, please click  here.

Keep up with Mike’s latest achievements via LinkedIn! https://www.linkedin.com/in/mikepdonahue/