ARH Faculty Writings Published

ARH faculty Nicole Lambrou, Eric Lum, and Karen Seong are contributing authors in a book published this September!

Real and Fake in Architecture

Close to the Original, Far from Authenticity?


The condition of fake and real in architecture is rarely publicly discussed, nor has it encountered broad journalistic or scholarly attention. This book explores the realm of truth, authenticity, and fakery in architecture, providing a timely collection of analytical essays and projects. Architects, scholars and photographers share their understanding and speculations about a broad range of spaces and concepts ­– all searching for common ground between real and imagined, function and story. The authors challenge our perception of authenticity through the examination of built and simulated environments, architectural fiction, theatric illusions, and mannerist trickery. They examine the notion that form following function contains a paradox caused by the ambiguity of architectural expression. Buildings are perceived through an individual’s personal experiences while also being interpreted along broader cultural values. The works shown reveal that under scrutiny, any built environment reveals moments of truth, deception, and ambiguity–all of it partially in the eye of the beholder.


The diverse contributions shed light on unexpected identities in architecture – inviting critical thought about our built environment – analog and digital. The goal of this publication goes beyond unmasking deception in architecture, it aims at unfolding timelines and revealing the layered nature of people and places.

The images and essays reveal our contemporary condition and let collective and individual narratives unfold, a range of truths in themselves. Expanding from the discussion about truthful materiality and tectonics, this book provides an understanding of real, authentic, and fake in urbanism and architecture.


The book includes essays by Anne-Catrin Schultz, Eric Lum, Dan Hisel, Jennifer Lee Michaliszyn and Morgan McMahon, Nicole Lambrou, Christina Lanzl, Tom van Arman, Justin Vigilanti, Karen Seong, Ingrid Strong and Kemo Usto, as well as projects by Gregor Sailer, Edoardo Tresoldi, Jessica Ronayne, Stefan Al, Kelly Hutzell and Rami el Samahy, Mat Maggio, Allen Spore, Rima Abousleiman and Alun Be.