ARH 903 Contemporary Architecture Foreign Study

ARH 903 Architecture Foreign Study

Faculty: Mark Mueckenheim

Course Description

Immerse yourself in outstanding contemporary built works of architecture. Discover  their conceptual meaning, and their role in recent architectural discourse, through an  intensive site visit, throughout a particular region outside the USA.  Your comprehension of these architectural examples will be supported through discussions, guided tours, walking and bus tours, as well as lectures. Experience this amazing road trip where you can see around 100 outstanding examples of works by the best architects today. You will also be able to visit some world famous offices and witness the work and methods first hand. 

Course Learning Outcomes

  • Students will be able to:
    • Identify key aspects that lead to architectural quality in build works of architecture
    • Diagram and analyze buildings and relate the analysis to build work in the field
    • Utilize a variety of different media in order to produce applied academic research
    • Discuss qualities of architectural intentions, concepts, details and space using professional language and terminology
    • Critique works of significant architecture
    • Understand the relationship of conceptual thinking and actual build architecture
    • Generate engaging content in plans, sections, sketches, and writing