ARH 641 Architectural History: Modernism and its Global Impact

ARH 641 Architectural History: Modernism and its Global Impact

Faculty: Laura Brugger / Ana Mayoral Moratilla

Course Description

This course will focus on the development of architecture and urbanism since the Industrial Revolution. Students will examine cultural and technological roots and their implications on contemporary design. This course will also trace the global impact of the modern movement.

Course Learning Outcome

As a result of successfully completing this course, students…

  • Will be able to:

    • Discern the Industrial Revolution’s impact and discuss technology’s role in the development of architectural ideas.
    • Distinguish the roots of contemporary architecture and its constant evolution.
    • Recognize the radical acceleration of architectural innovation occurring at an international scale.
    • Discuss the different architectural philosophies of the 20th century.
    • Discuss the relationship of architecture, urban planning and landscape architecture in the 19th and 20th Century
    • Explore the divergent traditions of architecture and the impact of cultural, climatic, ecological, socio-economic factors