ARH 239 Materials & Methods

ARH 239 Materials & Methods

This course will introduce students to a wide range of contemporary building materials and their implementation as methods of construction. Students will learn the process of building traditional and new materials as well as the social constructs, environmental impacts, and design opportunities of these choices.

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Course Learning Outcome

s a result of successfully completing this course, students…

  • Will be able to:

    • Choose appropriate materials and apply them into their design work
    • Have an understanding of a variety of materials used in building construction
    • Demonstrate in-depth knowledge of using digital fabrication machinery and tools
    • Identify the environmental impact of a material’s use and its inherent properties including life cycle
    • Identify how building envelopes perform aesthetically, in terms of endurance, and energy usage
    • Research, analyze and present new building techniques and materials and discuss their benefits
    • Student work from this course will meet all or part of NAAB SPC B.8 Building Materials and Assemblies: Understanding of the basic principles used in the appropriate selection of interior and exterior construction materials, finishes, products, components, and assemblies based on their inherent performance, including environmental impact and reuse