Call for Artists India Basin Shoreline Park Project


900 Innes – India Basin Shoreline Park Public Art Project

The San Francisco Arts Commission invites artists and artist teams residing in the United States to submit qualifications to the Bayview Artist Registry to be considered for the 900 Innes – India Basin Shoreline Park Public Art Project. Artists with a meaningful connection to the Bayview – whether they currently reside, have resided in the Bayview, or have another significant connection to the Bayview – are encouraged to apply.


The goals of this project are to create an artwork with high visibility that will help create a destination point and draw users to the waterfront of 900 Innes. Given these goals, the artist’s scope will be to produce a 2-Dimensional design that will be integrated into the concrete pavement of the pier. The design will be implemented in lithocrete, lithomosaic or other concrete finish for the pier. The current estimate could allow for the artist’s design to cover almost 80% of the 6900 sq. ft. surface area of the pier.


Project Budget

The total artwork budget is $260,000, inclusive of all artist’s fees, as well as associated expenses for design, fabrication, insurance, transportation and installation.




More information at this link